The Lakes Area Child Advocacy Center is a not-for-profit organization providing a safe, child friendly setting for the investigation of child abuse in Stone, Taney, and surrounding counties.  The allegations that bring children to our center include sexual and/or physical abuse, living in a drug endangered environment, neglect, exploitation through the internet or child pornography, and/or witnessing a serious crime.

As a child advocacy center, we provide children two critical services: Forensic Interviews and Medical Exams by trained professionals. Behind the scenes at our center, a multidisciplinary team of law enforcement, Children's Division, the juvenile office and medical professionals observe the interview, share information, discuss outcomes and determine a course of action that best serves the interest of the child.

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The Lakes Area Child Advocacy Center, located in Branson West Missouri, assists in investigation of reports of alleged child abuse in Stone, Taney and surrounding counties. 


Remember: We are ALL mandated reporters.  You have a responsibility to report any child abuse. If you suspect or need to report child abuse, contact the Missouri State Child Abuse Hotline:1-800-392-3738


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