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Can I bring my child directly to the LACAC if I suspect he/she has been abused?

No. Any time an allegation of abuse occurs, law enforcement and Children's Division must be involved. The LACAC does not actually investigate the alleged abuse. We simply provide the services to most accurately collect the evidence for an investigation. Therefore, we cannot interview or examine children without the coordinated approach of the multidisciplinary team.


How quickly can you see my child?

Emergency cases are scheduled within 72 hours of the alleged abuse. All other cases are scheduled on a timely basis according to our caseload. Generally, this is within days after receiving referral.


How should I prepare my child for a visit to the LACAC?

Parents are encouraged to prepare their child for a visit to the Center by explaining that this is a place where children come to talk to someone about what may have happened to them. Children should be instructed to tell the truth and should be told that it is ok to talk to our interviewer. If an exam is scheduled parents may tell their children that they will have a head-to-toe check up by a nurse to make sure they are "healthy".  Parents are given age appropriate explanations to share with their children regarding the exam.



Who do I call if I suspect a child is being abused?

Call the Missouri Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-392-3738.


Will my child require counseling from this experience?

Your investigator and the LACAC staff can help you evaluate your child’s follow-up care. We will discuss these issues after your child's appointment and give you referral information.


Do I need to bring anything with me to my child's appointment?

Adults accompanying a child must bring a valid driver's license or photo ID. Your child may bring a personal item like a stuffed animal. You will not be charged for any services. 


Who makes referrals to the LACAC?

The LACAC receives referrals from three agencies; the Department of Social Services Children's Division; the Juvenile Office; and law enforcement agencies. Once one of these agencies contact you, they will contact us to schedule an appointment.


If the police have already questioned my child, does he/she still need to participate in a Forensic Interview at the LACAC?

Unless a child has been interviewed MULTIPLE TIMES, it will be of benefit to your child to participate in a Forensic Interview at the LACAC.


How long will a Forensic Interview take?

The length of a Forensic Interview is determined by the needs of the child. The average interview lasts about 30 minutes depending upon the child's age and development. Adolescent interviews generally last longer than 30 minutes.


Who will conduct the Forensic Interview?

Your child will be interviewed by the LACAC's Forensic Interviewer. Our Interviewer is trained in the accredited, "ChildFirst" interview model.


Can I watch my child's interview?

Only the child and the interviewer are allowed in the interview room. This ensures the interview will be objective and non-threatening. Only members of the multidisciplinary team are allowed in the observation room. Team members meet with the parent(s) or caregiver(s) before and after the interview to explain the process and discuss what will happen next.


How much does the exam cost?

Families are NEVER billed for exams or interviews. 


Who needs a CARE exam?

Any child who alleges or shows signs of physical abuse; a pre-verbal child exposed to a high-risk setting; a child with signs/symptoms that might indicate physical abuse; a child who exhibits behaviors consistent with physical abuse/neglect; a child who has a sibling with a history of physical abuse/neglect should all receive a CARE.


In addition, a CARE will be offered if a child refuses a SAFE.


What is a SAFE exam?

A Sexual Assault Forensic Exam, or SAFE, is a head to toe checkup performed by a physician or nurse practitioner who is SAFE-trained. The exam includes checking eyes, ears, height, weight and the genital area. This exam is NOT a pap smear. Nothing is inserted into your child's private area and the exam is not painful. You will receive the results of your child's exam the day of the appointment.


Who needs a SAFE exam?

Any child who alleges he or she has been penetrated; a young or nonverbal child who is unable to give a thorough disclosure; siblings of a child who has a positive exam or who gives a verbal disclosure of penetration; any child who has symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease (discharge, burning with urination, abdominal pain, sores or a rash in the genital area or throat, itching of the genitals, or a sore throat following oral-genital contact) should receive a SAFE


Who will perform the exam?

In most cases, the LACAC's medical provider will perform the exam. This individual has received specialized training through Missouri's Sexual Assault Forensic Exam/Child Abuse Resource and Education (SAFE-CARE) Network to recognize the signs of abuse and make the exam process as easy as possible for a child. The SAFE-CARE Network requires that examiners commit the required amount of time to become "SAFE trained".


How long will the exam take?

Before the exam, our medical provider will discuss the child's medical and social history with the parent or guardian accompanying the child. The actual exam only lasts about 20 minutes.


Remember: We are ALL mandated reporters.  You have a responsibility to report any child abuse. If you suspect or need to report child abuse, contact the Missouri State Child Abuse Hotline:1-800-392-3738

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